Message Board Posting Policy

In the interest of keeping CTGolfer Online message boards an enjoyable place to visit, we have established some broad guidelines within, which all CTGolfer Online participants must agree to operate. More specifically, we intend to remove posts that contain:
1. Profanity directed at individuals, businesses or organizations.
2. Incitements to violate the law. We will also remove any posts that imply a threat to harm an individual or to destroy property.
3. Slurs based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. or that are insulting to people of a race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

In addition, we will remove postings commenting on specific golf courses that do not follow these guidelines:
1. The full name, city or town and valid email address of person submitting comments must be included to verify authenticity of comments. Anonymous comments or those containing pseudonyms, aliases, nicknames, initials or names that cannot be verified as the true author of the comments will be removed.
2. Criticism of course must include evidence and/or substantiation to support a claim. Generalities that are critical in nature will not be allowed without this supporting evidence. CTGolfer Online reserves the right to remove criticism that includes substantiation based on knowledge of the subject course. Mean-spirited comments are also discouraged and may be removed.
3. Comparisons of courses with regard to being better or worse are not allowed. Similarities or resemblances between courses may be brought out as long as they relate to physical descriptions. It is unreasonable to expect all courses to resemble Augusta National. Some courses are what they are and don't expect to be anything more. And to some golfers, that might be satisfactory. 4. Criticism of course staff, employees or ownership is not allowed.
5. Comments regarding slow play should be based on repeated experiences. All courses have episodes of slow play, so please do not criticize a course for slow play based on one experience.
6. Course comments should be fair. We reserve the right to remove comments that do not appear accurate in their appraisal. Using CTGolfer Online message boards constitutes an acceptance of this agreement.

We thank your for your understanding of our Posting Policy.